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Social Forecasting and Projecting. – М.: Social Forecasts and Marketing Center, 2013. – 192 p.

In this training manual the author discloses the prerequisites of the socio-prognostic research formation in Russia against the background of evolutionary processes in social prognostics of the XX century. The essential characteristics of social forecasting, its subject and range of problems have been considered. The author’s approach to the classification of the social forecasting methods has been proposed on the basis of the analysis of the classification schemes of scientific forecasting methods. The particular attention has been paid to the characteristics description, the specific application and selection procedure of the social forecasts making methods.

The theoretical and applied analysis of the foundations of social projecting has also been held, as well as the direction of its implementation and research methods used for it. The conceptual basis of projecting in the field of education by an example of the educational process has been stated. The author proposes a model structure of the projecting decisions explanation and testing. The forecasts of the particular problem situations on the example of the Russian Federation have been cited.

This book is directed to bachelors, studying sociology and management. It can also be useful for post-graduate students and teaching stuff of Higher Education Institutions as a methodological and methodical manual.

ISBN 978-5-906001-10-8

Sociological education

Keywords: социальное прогнозирование | социальный прогноз | учебник |


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