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Ambarova P. A., Zborovsky G. E. The time of social community: scientific monograph / P. A. Ambarova, G. E. Zborovsky. – Yekaterinburg : Liberal Arts University – University for Humanities, 2017. – 347 p.

The monograph reflects the results of the survey conducted in 2015– 2017 years theoretical and empirical study of the time of social community. It reveals its conceptual foundations: the methodology of research is characterized, theoretical grounds are revealed, interdisciplinarity and pluralism of the basic scientific approaches are shown, among which special attention is paid to the sociological approach. Categorical analysis of social time and social community is carried out. Definitions of these concepts are given. The structure and functions of social time and social community are considered both separately and in interrelation. Particular attention is paid to the consideration through the prism of temporality of two types of social communities – age community and education community. Their temporal characteristics and temporal contradictions are analyzed. The interpretations of these communities as subjects of social time are given. The monograph concludes by examining the temporal strategies of the behavior of social communities.

The book is intended for sociologists, specialists studying social time and social communities, as well as for all those who are interested in the problems of the temporal organization of life in modern society.

ISBN 978-5-7741-0321-8

Social Theory

Keywords: методология социологии | социология времени | социологи истории |


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