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Ethno-linguistic processes in the Republic of Tatarstan: the development trend and social design / Y.Z. Garipov. – M.: Center of Social Forecasting and Marketing, 2019. – 320 p.

This book covers the issues of ethno-linguistic processes in multi-ethnic regions. Using the examples of studies conducted in Tatarstan, the author in the dynamics presents the trend of the spread of bilingualism and multilingualism and the functioning of non-Russian native languages in the context of socio-economic transformations in Russia. It also shows the influence patterns of modern ethno-linguistic processes on the social mobility of the polyethnic population and the interaction between the language policy of the federal center and the polyethnic region. Besides, basic social design principles of ethno-linguistic processes in a polyethnic region are outlined. The book is addressed to researchers, university lecturers and post-graduate students specializing in the field of bilingualism in a multi-ethnic environment.

ISBN 978-5-906001-66-5

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